Realmente no te conozco, y también no me conozcas, pero te quiero y preocupó para ti. I believe in you.


Gracias, quiero creer en mí mismo también. No quiero sentirme malo nunca más.

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Your fave is problematic: Potion Seller



  • Refuses to sell his strongest potions
  • Has no respect for knights
  • Is a rascal

god I’m so sick and tired of people shitting on Potion Seller and conveniently forgetting that

  • his potions are too strong for you traveler
  • you can’t handle his potions, they’re too strong for you
  • his potions would kill you traveler you can not handle them
  • why should he respect knights when his potions can do anything they can

I mean alright if you don’t like Potion Seller I get it, they’re not for everyone, and hell even I’ll admit that his strongest potions would kill a dragon, let alone a man, but nothing is stopping you from just going elsewhere for your potions, and finding a seller who sells weaker potions.

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Myers Briggs type: TFWNOGF

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yeah yea


yeah yea

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i dont know too much about it but im sure the economy will get better!! keep your head up!! c: im sorry its been so bad but i hope youre okay and i hope you and the economy get better!


I wasn’t being serious I’m sorry you’re so sweet I feel bad

thank you though

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what the fuck is naruto

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isn’t it funny how people say ‘grilled cheese’ instead of ‘grilled cheese sandwich’? you could be talking about an actual piece of grilled che

i stopped typing because i realized that this is the single most worthless post ever conceived 

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teacher: tell the class a bit about yourself



WOW!!! i can’t believe I’ve let my mother control my life this far!!! I don’t like her as a person at all! WOW I”M

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classes haven’t even started and I’m already regretting my choices because my mom makes me feel panicked and also I am shit 8-) love it

*thinks about schedule*

*has an anxiety attack*

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